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I am the mom of two boys, who inspire me to take lots of photos of their shenanigans. Children really are a lot of fun to photograph because of their ability to be themselves - and that comes through in the photographs.

This is what I try to get my clients to do: to embrace the ability to "be themselves" and try to forget that I am there, because when they do the photos are incredible; they capture those priceless moments of people interacting, loving, and enjoying each other.

So while I could tell you about my university education in photography, and my 10 years spent photographing weddings - really my experience just comes from photographing those I love in my life, and translating that to each wedding that I photograph. I am trying to capture the moments that are distinctively yours.

I am based in Milton, but open to shooting worldwide - especially in Australia.

So let's chat! Coffee, tea, lunch, email, or an old-fashioned phone call (289-878-4837) - or fill in the form below.


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